Project Overview

BlackBerry Shared Services Learning Portal

Icon / UX / Web

Redesign of the RIM  internal learning portal used by all of RIM’s employees to access the company’s LMS and external training.
The challenge of the project was to combine all the content of the various existing intranet sites to make one user friendly portal where one could keep up to date on training news and events, access the course catalogue, as well as view reports based on their role in the company.  The previous course catalogue was overly complicated and users in testing reported frustration in not being able to find the training they needed. The solution was to create an open and accessible site that would take users to the training they needed within 3 clicks. This was accomplished by designing a two-tier navigation to highlight the most frequently used aspects of the site. I also illustrated icons to represent each section. Working closely with a content development team and a team of developers, the course catalogue was reorganized to make the search function and menus more intrinsic to the learner.